Butterfly Art

About the Artist

Phillip Thomason is a native Floridian. Born 1949 in Jacksonville, FL where he now resides.

Phillip was raised by a single mother in a small home in the Southside area of Jacksonville. He has three sisters and a brother and though they had little money growing up, the family was rich in love and support for each other.

Not having many toys or the money to participate in activities away from home Philip learned to use his imagination and create his own fun be it exploring the nearby Pottsburg Creek off the St. Johns River, collecting driftwood or creating outdoor games using sticks, rocks or any material he happened onto that seemed to lend itself to an idea. He attributes this early training to his extraordinary ability to look at an insignificant item and see art. Through his eyes and keen sense of art, Phillip has the ability to turn a piece of driftwood in to a sail ship or corks and floats into a large lobster, or butterfly wings into large mosaic picture. He would spend months, sometimes years, collecting old commonplace items such as beer openers, letter openers, butterfly pins, marbles, shells, shark's teeth etc. knowing somewhere in the back of his mind that one day somehow he would create a piece of art and he did.

Original Untouched Pen Shell
Pen Shell
Before Polishing
One never knew what Phillip might be collecting next or why. His career as an outside salesman opened up another hobby later known as Road Plundering. No doubt his river plundering made it impossible for him to pass up items by the roadside. Soon he had amassed a huge collection of hand tools, buckets, school team flags, plush toys, bandanas just an unbelievable hodgepodge of items. Were the items dropped aimlessly by a child from a car or blown out the back of a truck or boat? Their origin remained a mystery but added to the thrill of the hunt. He maintains a jar with the money he's found on the ground, his largest find a $50.00 bill. He has found and returned many stolen wallets and purses. His ability to spot a treasure that others don't notice has definitely earned him the title of the "Road Plunderer".

A visit to his home today is like a visit to a mini museum. You will find various rocks, relics, seashells, fish jaws, gems, butterflies, animal bones, driftwood, antiques, unusual collections etc. and if you have time, Phillip will gladly share his immense knowledge of his items and entertain you with related stories.

His keen sight and unique ability to find and create one of a kind fine art out of insignificant objects, spending days or weeks pondering through ideas until he is satisfied with his thoughts and brings his creation to fruition is what makes Phillip's art uniquely his. Like his art, he is one of a kind.
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