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The Cork Art

These pieces of art were made from the findings that Phil Thomason and his brother Wayne discovered during their many fishing adventures. On those occasions when the fish refused to bite, they amused themselves by searching for pieces of driftwood. While pursuing this endeavor, they began seeing corks and various flotation devices used for fishing. These devilish devices would be spotted in the most unreachable, tangled twisted mass of vines and brambles but Phil and Wayne had to retrieve them at all costs. As fishermen, it was easy to imagine how long the corks must have been out there and the stories they could tell. It was as though the corks demanded to be rescued from their watery grave. Hundreds of corks were amassed from the local rivers, creeks and waterways of Jacksonville. Many years later Phil decided to give these corks another life . . . thus Cork Art was born.

Phil Thomason, PT Creations
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Item # 401 - The Assortment - $75.00
50 X 10 inches
This is an assortment of the various types & sizes of fishing corks or flotation devices. They are all quite old and could probably tell a story.
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Item # 402 - The Crab - $75.00
24 X 9 inches
Created with a variety of the old corks found years ago.
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Item # 403 - Fish on the Hunt - $75.00
24 X 10 inches
A really neat looking piece note the old lures in the upper right hand corner. It is these he is stalking.
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Item # 404 - The Fish of Floats - $75.00
25 X 12 inches
Another interesting piece it looks prehistoric to me.
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Item # 405 - The Ships Wheel - $75.00
19 X 20 inches
Another good one of course made with all old corks which had been floating around for years before my brother & I retrieved them.
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Item # 406 - The Lobster - $150.00
6 X 38 inches
My masterpiece with the corks. It is bad to the bone. In person it is very impressive.
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Item # 407 - Antique Corks Framed - $100.00
18 X 12 inches
Many of these are very old antiques. They are not valuable enough to sell separately but do look good in this nice frame. This with the other two antique lure collections would look good on any wall.
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Item # 408 - Antique Lures - $100.00
18 X 12 inches
Many of these are in fact old lures but are not in good enough condition to be sold by themselves. They look good in this nice frame and will attract many comments from avid fishermen. All were found in the old cork hunts of old.
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Item # 409 - Antique Lures - $100.00
18 X 12 inches
Another nice collection of antique lures. Not valuable as collection pieces by themselves but do look good in this frame and I promise will get many comments from fishermen of old.
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