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Item # 503 - Letter Opener Collection - $120.00
15 X 12 inches
Each of these openers are unique. This comes from my old days of hitting estate sales. There are ten nice openers on this board mounted very attractively. I know I paid $10. for most of them. This would be a good buy for a collector of such. Pictures of each opener to follow.
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Item # 504 - Antique keys & St Christopher Medallions - $60.00
9 1/2 X 11 1/2 inches
Nice piece for the old key collector. These were gathered by my uncle a merchant marine years ago. Along with the medallions. I put them in this frame to display them properly.
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Item # 505 - Fossil Collection - $90.00
11 X 14 inches
These are some of my most unusual fossil finds. Each of the shark teeth is from a different species of shark. There are alligator teeth here which is a rare find for anyone. There is a ground sloth tooth fossil. There are the grinder teeth from sheephead fish. There is inner ear bones from the dolphin. There are fossil sting ray barbs. A possible homo sapiens tooth. Possible barracuda teeth. Many unidentifiable teeth, claws and tusks. A wealth of interesting fossils to study easily.
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Item # 506 - The Melange - $89.00
5 1/2 X 33 inches
This is an eye catcher. Beautiful shapes of wood, deer antler pieces, hog tusks, Raccoon jaws, tiny arrowheads, interesting shaped thorns, the cat fish skull that shows Jesus on the cross. This would look good on some persons deck. Each item on it is unusual in it's own way.
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