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The Nautilus Submarine

This is the submarine from the Jules Verne novel " Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." When the story begins it is 1866 when America, England, France, Spain, and the Dutch were masters of the sea with sailing ships.

They had heard that Captain Nemo was in the process of building a powerful craft of some sort. They kidnapped his wife and killed her in an attempt to get him to reveal his secrets. In order to conceal the existence of the Nautilus the parts for it were manufactured in various places and then transported to a secret island where the ship was built. Captain Nemo had a great love for the sea and nature itself and abhorred war. He knew his technology would be used for war and not for peaceful purposes.

Upon sighting a war ship Captain Nemo would prepare to ram the ship which he would do at speed. The Nautilus would slice through the war ship as if it was balsa wood. Perhaps fitting justice for what they had done to his wife but very unfortunate for the poor crew who were just performing duty.

Kirk Douglas was the star in this movie. The Nautilus was nuclear powered. Jules Verne imagined this before it had been discovered.

It was a great movie and the Nautilus was a magnificent craft. In this rendition of it I tried to bring it back in all it's glory as best I could.

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Item # 501 - The Nautilus - Call for Pricing
33 X 9 inches
This is my rendition of the Nautilus pictured in the movie " Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea " This was a magnificent craft. A wonder of imagination to sc-fi readers everywhere. I plan to keep the legend alive with these efforts. Every structural plate line and rivet mark has been burnt into this piece of wood. The detail is extreme.
1. This shows the care & time I took to create this craft in all it's glory.
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Item # 502 - The Nautilus on Driftwood - Call for Pricing
33 X 10 inches
The driftwood is from my old ranging time while gathering corks,lures and all manner of interesting artifacts. I decided to see what the Nautilus would look like on this piece of old wood. I again spared nothing to acquire the detail that the craft demands. It was considerably harder due to the coarse nature of this wood. Again all the structural plate lines & rivet marks are burnt into this piece of wood. I had to burn darker lines & rivets to make them show up good on this.
1. Bow View - Note the detail
2. Mid Section Close up
3. Stern Close Up - Note the color of the structure made to protect the prop on the stern. The rails are dark to emphasize the strength they had.
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Item # 503 - Nautilus Driftwood -
33 X 18 inches
This was the first Nautilus I was inspired to do this one because of the bow piece of driftwood I had found. Looking at the close up of 503A you will see how I could see this. I have always been a science fiction buff and had read " Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea " at an early age. The movie was too good to be true. What a magnificent craft. I kept that piece of driftwood for years before I decided to try to put it together. In the mean time I had gathered other useful shapes of driftwood. I knew I should have at least an outline of the Nautilus for people to understand what the driftwood represented. I experimented with drafting an outline around the piece but could not make that suffice. I obtained diagrams of the Nautilus and then thru painstaking detailed work I did the piece you see above the driftwood Nautilus. Each and every structural plate line and or rivet has been burnt into the wood by hand.
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